• Pain Is Temporary, Pride Is Forever
  • The Secret Of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started - Mark Twain.
  • It Doesn't Get Easier, You Just Get Stronger.
  • To Give Any Less Than Your Best Is To Sacrifice A Gift - Steve Prefontaine.
  • The Harder The Conflict, The More Glorious The Triumph - Thomas Paine.
  • Obsessed Is A Word The Lazy Use To Describe Dedicated.
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The Original CrossFit Affiliate In La Verne, California
We exist for the purpose of delivering world class training to those committed to becoming fit. We have a phenomenal group of trainers with a strong passion for helping others achieve the 'impossible' and a family-based community in which we take a lot of pride in.

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Don't Let What You Can't Do Interfere With What You Can Do.

- John Wooden

The Workout Of The Day

The CrossFit Team Series begins this Sunday, August 24th! There are three categories - RXd, Scaled, and Masters. We would like to see as many teams as possible from CFLV register for this event! Teams must consist of two men and two women. It works just like the CrossFit Games Open; a group of workouts will be released and you will complete them at your home gym, then submit your results online. If you have aspirations of competing, but never have, this is a perfect way to get started in the comfort of your own gym (RXd, scaled, or masters). For more information, and to register, click here: 



10 rounds for time:
5 Hang Power Snatch, 115lbs/75lbs
7 Box Jumps, 30"/24"
10 Wall Balls, 20lbs/14lbs 


1. Pause Back Squats: 3 x 3 tough sets (3 sec negative, 1 sec pause in bottom)
2. Snatch High Pull (floor) + Hang Snatch High Pull + Hang Power Snatch (mid thigh): every 90 sec x 8 sets; build.
3. WOD
145/100, 30"/24"
4. Airdyne 
10:00 at a pace that would be difficult to hold a conversation



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